Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Why be subtle about expressing and illustrating beautiful true love?

Why be subtle about expressing and illustrating beautiful true love? Giving Happiness in return for a Valiant Glorious Interesting Acceptance for it!


 Fire Moon sign often means some compatibility with me. If you cannot respect a man driven passionately to heroically redeem his life with visual art from the aftermath of growing up in a dysfunctional family, & you are frightened by his valiant efforts to do so with SpiraLcosmosart & ExponentialAltruism then please move on. SpiraLcosmosart & ExponentialAltruism are the 2 words where you can find a lot about my personal politics and my heart's desire. If you click on the "meet me" feature please write me if you expect a response from me.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Trolling the great Narcissism Scholar

There is a cure for this pathological hatred:  take your frustration out on the worst narcissists by making a name for yourself as the expert narcissist like Sam Vaknin.  (At least that's what it seems the cure is from watching this video.)

Personally, from the child abuse survivors I've met who  have at least a  modicum of integrity, they go out of their way above and beyond to redeem themselves from the parents and abusers they were helpless against during childhood.   Once a narcissistic doesn't mean always a narcissist.  Only an uncured narcissist would claim abused children are hopeless and unable to heal or redeem themselves as adults.

If Jews and other child genital mutilators would quit all their forced circumcisions of male infants and boys then maybe those abused children wouldn't waste their lives clutching their maimed and mutilated genitals and thereby refraining from centering their lives on sex?  Maybe that has something to do with narcissism Sam Vaknin of Israeli Jewish origins?  You think?