Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Erotic Poetry from Hetero Man: Banned and Censored at "open mic" Poetry in Eugene, Oregon

These same people who Censored me have no problem with reciting and being amused by graphic snuff death and murder poetry.  Decrepit old mobs and double standards of glorifying snuff murder poetry of death, and hating, censoring, and banning erotic poems OF LIFE can all go straight to hell. You're just barely a notch of better integrity than cops who beat someone to death. And the gaLl of you stupid brain washed idiots telling me my Anger is UnWARRANTED?

This is for all the single heterosexual  
athletic monogamous women here.

I'm a single heterosexual athletic monogamous man
(as though you can't already tell?)
I have here a package in my pants
and it's growing and its
starting to swell
If you don't like me saying that
you  can go straight to hell.

This is not simply a poem,
this is not a joke,
this is a call for
all women who
want a better man
to give them a never ending

Let me slide my shaft of light
into your moist
and warm and slippery
fun cave of delight

I'm not here for a contest
nor competition
I don't care for winning
the poetry prize
nor poetry ticket

I  have a throbbing  penis
and I desire
an open vagina
where I can stick it

call me a pervert
call me sleazy
call me creepy

when all that I'm  saying            
is what will please you
and what will please me

It's no big deal / There's nothing wrong
for you and I to admit
enjoying good quality sex

as man to a woman
and as a woman to a man

is where life begins
and it's where life began

it's what's real
there's nothing wrong
It's completely healthy, not sick

for your pussy to be a
beautiful sanctuary for my dick

Feel my cock bulging and thick and hard
And it's mushroom head

Banging and bouncing on your cervix
When you and I are bent over in every
tantric kinky position
in and out of bed

all the ways balls deep
exchanging energy
for a good night's sleep

Let's have a tender loving wholesome
suck and fuck
like there is no tomorrow
We'll make each other warm
We'll keep each other hot
and end all sorrow

Hey honey come over here
I will joyfully lick your labia
and clit
as you suck on my testicles
Knob on and stroke my cock
As I will diddle you with 2 or 3 or 4 fingers
and my tongue up/in your snatch

I have no std's 
and if you don't either
Then we can really make love
with no fear of anything we might catch

Let's fuck like we're both born again virgins
fucking for the very first time
Let's come on each other's faces
And really have a complete 69
Let's taste both feminine and masculine

Straddle my
giant genital straight
between your legs
Slide it right in
your space of life
I will be your husband
and you can be my wife

and don't be afraid
each other together
never going again
without getting laid

Believe me I don't care
to objectify you
nor for you to objectify me

That's why before we
decide to go all the way

I invite you to be
naked alone with me
and see

I have no time to be a fake
nor be a fraud
for you to be
the safe place
for me to explode my wad

I'm in the mood for love
simply because me and my cock is near you and your pussy.

I'm the tortured wild man for you harness
and tame
with your wide fertile hips and thighs
riding me,
and perky boobs bouncing
for the, pure wholesome love,
and the pure fortune, and fame

I just had to say it
it's life's weird twisted wild
true game.