Tuesday, April 14, 2015

heterocentric reality versus wikipedia's politically correct demonization of heterosexuals

heterocentric heterosexual reality versus wikipedia's politically correct demonization of heterosexual idealist/optimists like me:

Here's as simple as it gets for me: Since homosexuals don't reproduce by themselves naturally, heterosexuality, especially monogamous heterosexuality, seems perfectly ideal and optimum for the human race: all other things equal!

Human reproduction seems hindered, convoluted, complicated, and prone to problems that are not as likely to occurr if 1 adult man and 1 adult woman loved each other for life and produced children from that union.  It's a simple matter of the closest distance between 2 different opposite complimentary reproductive ingredients and a loving wholesome understanding between those who have that reproductive experience.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heterosexism 04-14-2015 12:23 PST


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Heterosexism is a system of attitudes, bias, and discrimination in favor of opposite-sex sexuality and relationships.[1] It can include the presumption that other people are heterosexual or that opposite-sex attractions and relationships are the only norm[2] and therefore superior. Although heterosexism is defined in the online editions of the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language and the Merriam-Webster Collegiate Dictionary as anti-gay discrimination and/or prejudice "by heterosexual people"[3] and "by heterosexuals",[4] respectively, people of any sexual orientation can hold such attitudes and bias, and can form a part of internalised hatred of one's sexual orientation.[5] Heterosexism as discrimination ranks gay men, lesbians, bisexuals and other sexual minorities as second-class citizens with regard to various legal and civil rights, economic opportunities, and social equality in many of the world's jurisdictions and societies. Heterosexism is often related to homophobia.

Monday, April 13, 2015

LBGTQ / Homosexual customers or fans of SpiralCosmosArt are welcome to decorate their weddings with it.

LBGTQ OR Homosexual customers of my art are welcome to decorate their weddings or homes with my art.  You're all free to do so.  Penn Jillette put it perfectly right here:

"there is more to gay sex than cake and flowers.  these people are not being asked to engage in gay sex or even endorse gay sex" - Penn Jillette

A lot of my artwork is heterocentric and might turn off a lot of LBGT people, but please don't let that think you are unwelcome to download and alter free samples of my art http://spiralcosmosart.deviantart.com regardles of who you are, I don't discriminate:
A customer is a customer whose business with the product once the transaction is given is his own damn business, but just don't expect me to go out of my way to design slogans like  "double dong strap on banging is fun between 2 women" or "hershey highway pounding partnership is fun between 2 men."   

Here on the comments page


is where I get into an argument with a bible thumbing bigot.

+ProSecondAmendment http://heterocentricpride.blogspot.com/ Basic Sexual ethics: 1. Between adult humans 2. mutual consensual and 3. in Private. 4. and hopefully non-violent. It is the intent of SpiralCosmosArt to ask that extreme right wing bible thumping conservatives who hate non-heterosexuals/homosexuals/transgenders/queers/lesbians/bisexuals etc. and extreme left wing liberals who want to militantly push the extreme opposite agenda and suffer from heterophobia to consider that sometimes non-heterosexuality (queering / homosexuality/ and transgenderism) is coerced by “endocrine disruptors” that tweak and permanently warp the hormones of such people for life http://www.drcurtisduncan.com/2014/11/homosexuality-and-chemical-manipulation.html, and a lot of other causal factors that are open to debate, often from cruel dirty tricks of competition, abuse, and coercive population control agendas, being completely respectful of the fact that there is good scientific reason that most people's sexual orientation really is a result of being“born that way” and they really “don't have a choice”, and cannot change and are human beings who deserve human rights like anyone else, including whatever perceived blessings they expect to get out of a State sanctioned “marriage”, or even adoption rights of children if there is no monogamous heterosexual role models or family life available and they would otherwise be abused: 4 ethical principles of sex are never violated: 1. Between adult humans 2. mutual consensual and 3. in Private. 4. preferably non-violent

+ProSecondAmendment There is no worse demonic perversion than the perversion of humungous Corporate Agribusinesses like Syngenta and Monsanto that pollute the environment with hideous chemicals. These people coerce homosexuality and they are the real pedophile culprits far worse than those born with the unfortunate incurable birth defects of homosexuality.

+spiralcosmosart I agree with you on the evils of corporations but homosexuality is nothing more than an act of rebellion against the moral truth. It is far from genetic but merely demonic influence within a persons life. They can choose to obey the temptation of perverse immorality or not.

+ProSecondAmendment My question is who is more evil?  Someone who works for an employer who poisons the population with toxins that cause the scientific birth defect of homosexual tendencies?   The Pedophiles who secretly coerce people into homosexuality?  Or do you point fingers at the the adult homosexuals who are completely consensual and mongamous and tell them they are cursed and vile when they're only the tip of the iceberg.  My own conservative Christian Aunt is married to a shill for the Syngenta corporation in Illinois.  Their children (my cousins) and them are all good heterosexual Christians, but they are complacent greedy idiots who coerce homosexuality / transgenderism worse than a lot of homosexuals, because their employer pushes atrazine and glyphosphate and endless monoculture gmo corn.  

+spiralcosmosart The wicked heart corrupts our food supply for the love of money. But you're saying that toixns create homosexuality. That's just not a scientific fact. I agree toxins cause birth defects but morals are different than physical issues. It's a spiritual issue and both are playing God. One is playing God with other people's food and homosexuals are playing God in claiming they can have unions outside of the design God created us to have.

From what I understand on the topic of "endocrine disruptors" it's entirely plausible that toxins in the environment is all part of U.N. Agenda 21 population control. I don't believe it is God's plan for anyone to be homosexual either, but if all you do is condem homosexuality without critically considering coercive factors about gender estrangement, mating competion, and   pedophilia, you're no Christian at all.  From what I understand about the true Jesus, he lived in the time of a wicked "civilization" known as the Roman empire when homosexuality and sexual vices were going virile as such sins and immoral behavior are going virle  now. And there's the story when Jesus  saved a prostitute from being Stoned to death knowing she was a whore and slut, but also knowing she was human and didn't deserve to be stoned to death, especially by people who were also sinners.

+spiralcosmosart I'm not going to debate the facts on homosexuality. The Word of God is also a history book and throughout every other history book, we know homosexuality has ALWAYS been immoral LONG BEFORE any toxins, gmo, agenda 21 was ever in existence. Nice try though. It's not against a person choosing to walk in sin as we all are dealing with sin and need to repent.  I am against homosexuality trying to push their agenda, and immoral perverse teachings and laws on our children and society. Even entering the churches today and spreading lies as if Homosexuality is anything God would ever accept into His Kingdom. That is a lie. Stay in the closet or choose to come out which will always give society the right to tell you what is right and wrong. They will be told the truth as it is written in the Word of God form the Old to the New testament.  It's a sin unlike any other where you might not be murdering someone but you are spreading a lifestyle that is extremely destructive and I will never allow this agenda or any agenda for that matter including agenda 21 to ever have it's way of deception without being exposed for what it really is. I think I proved your theory 100% incorrect seeing everything you used to defend homosexuality did not exist 100 years ago so now you must think of what might have influenced the gene pool back in the days of Sodom and Gomorah seeing Monsanto was nowhere to be found. lol I can point you in the right direction of what truly does influence someoone to be homosexual and I assure you it is NOT related to anything you mentioned. It is a spiritual demonic influence involving the spirit of rebellion as one of the stronghold Principalities. If you google just those words you will find some who have great insight and teachings on how to be delivered from Homosexuality through deliverance. It is a demonic oppressing spirit that drives people into this lust. Of course there are foods that can raise or lower our estrogen and testosterone levels but c'mon now. I'm fully aware of these things from a nutritionist stand point and there is NO WAY the spirit, soul and heart of a man can start to get gay tendencies because of a chemical or toxin. Homosexuality is a spiritual issue.

No I'm not here to debate either: You write: "....... so now you must think of what might have influenced the gene pool back in the days of Sodom and Gomorah " Perhaps maybe back then it was a debaucherous hedonistic orgy of a city that went horribly wrong? So what? No I wasn't there back in those ancient biblical times then and neither were you or were you. So I don't discredit the weird perverse peer pressure and propogganda in the media that goes on in Hollywood elsewhere. So what's your solution? A solution I think we can both agree on, is PREVENT CHILD ABUSE!, especially violence and PEDOPHILIA (whether heterosexual or homosexual). Supervise your children. Don't leave them alone with some creepy suspicious unknown babysitters or weird children. Don't leave them on overnights at some stranger's home. Spend Quality time with your children. Teach your children or the adults in your family and friends that have children that children's private parts are truly private and have their place in a lawful marriage when they become adults. And be an example that Mommy and Daddy do indeed love each other and respect the opposite gender so they see heterosexual monogamy as adults is obtainable and moral.

+spiralcosmosart We won't agree on anything if you don't agree that homosexuality is immoral on an absolute moral standard. As I said before, it's a spiritual matter that can be dealt with in truth and spirit. A true church will help people with this but it must not continue to be an outward rebellion against God's commandment and design for mankind.

pedophilia (heterosexual or homosexual) will always be far more immoral than adult homosexuality.  Pedophilia is a major cause of homosexuality.     Yeah I can use the word "immoral" and bring out my sanctimonious religion to describe something that I think is sick and wrong like homosexuality?  So what?  Does that make it so I'm doing my part to prevent homosexuality from happening it any worse or better than you?  It's just a word. I wish you luck educating society to prevent gender estrangement and all the rest of everything that makes normal heterosexuality difficult.  

+spiralcosmosart Yes pedophilia is no joke but if you look at the rebellious ways of the homosexual agenda, you can clearly see how the end result in it's teachings and influences, has in itself the destruction of children so no matter what you find more evil, it's all very bad for the heart and mind of a child. You cannot minimize homosexuality. That's the bottom line here, as well as you cannot minimize the control they are trying to push on those with religious convictions and I will not tolerate this type of nonsense pushed on my family or friends. As you can see in Indiana and this case, people are not going to tolerate it one bit and if homosexual supporters want a war against Christian conservatives they're going to eventually lose once and for all if it means blood shed because those who fought to live in a free country are still going to fight to make sure we keep it. No antichrist laws are going to take our fundamental foundation away from us without blood.

+ProSecondAmendment I don't believe for a moment that all homosexuals rationalized and learned to enjoy their perverted form of sex in an overnight sudden decision. There were factors in their life (often abuse from the opposite gender or some kind of birth defect) that manipulated and coerced an aversion for sex with the opposite gender. And you so called Christians have a responsibility to keep pedophiles (who are often wolves in sheeps clothing) out of your churches and out of schools and other places where children are liable to be left alone with predators. How do you ever expect at risk children (children from overworked low-income families) to resist pedophile grooming or learn to report pedophiles in schools and churches, when you're so busy condeming these adult homosexuals and other failures of puritanical standards that fall short of your ideal family life? If you can't get off your sanctimonious high horse you're liable to pressure the child victims to never report pedophiles soon enough because they're afraid of the stigma on them . Yeah sure some weird normalization from society and peer pressure probably takes it's toll too and in that sense, a homosexual act is a choice and a bad choice. Some people are meant to learn lifes lessons the hard way. Tough love for them.

+spiralcosmosart Listen idiot. I knew you were a troll the minute you tried to bold face lie about chemicals causing homosexuality. Next to the "homosexuality is genetic" evolution lie that was proven a lie years ago. Shut your ignorant mouth already. You're comparing evils only to change the subject on this channel. We're not dealing pedofiles here nor rapists nor murderers not stealing. We are dealing with HOMOSEXUALS trying to push Christians around with bogus laws that violate our God given rights. Pedophiles are not the issue here and the church you refer to with a history of pedophiles is not Christian but the Roman Catholic church. A big difference you need an education on. Don't try to put all Christians in the same box or you can get your teeth kicked in real quick. There is pedophiles in all walks of life, all beliefs and has nothing to do with those who are walking in the age of accountability, walking in rebellion. Now take a hike with your manipulating nonsense. I can't stand debating idiots like you who don't have a leg to stand on yet continue to run their mouth to try and cause confusion.  I would have kept it nice but you opened your punk ignorant mouth pointing the finger at Christians. I saw it coming but I waited and the truth comes out eventually. You can't hide from the spirit of discernment. Sooner or later you were going to be exposed. Now scram troll boy

is your church the Westboro Baptist Church by any chance?

+spiralcosmosart Far from it but I rest my case on exactly who you are. You have been exposed here this day scum bag. Nice try though attempting to pursuade the masses into beliving your lies. God has put me here on this earth to expose people exactly like you. You have two choices and none other. 1 repent and be saved 2 Rebel and be cast into the pit which is the lake of fire to serve as a remembrance to those who were saved by mercy and grace through repentance. Your arrogant excuses blaming Christians or anyone but your self for that matter , won't save you either. You have been warned.

Before I repent and am saved by the commanding authority of such an absolute emmissary and messenger of the true and one and only Jesus Christ, who you claim to know more about than me.  Whose physical form has been dead for over 2000 years.  Could you at least show your halo and prove to the world the sun really does shine out of your ass?

+spiralcosmosart Run along scum bag. I'm not even reading your replies anymore. You were exposed. bye now rookie shill. lol