Saturday, April 9, 2016

Yoni secret: save both yonis&lingams from being damaged! How are any of you dumb fucking new age goofy fucking men hating lesbian feminists ever going to find proper respect for your pussies and give them any sort of regal respect  by giving them a sanskrit title "Yoni" if you can't support both ENDING both FEMALE & MALE GENITAL MUTILATION NOW?.  Without being too graphic, a man who goes through life  with his Lingam damaged without it's individual sheath is vulnerable to being  a little bit deluded about who he should sheath it with externally.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Here's the big fucking YONI SECRETS

UPDATED 4-9-16
Here's the big fucking yoni secret: A yoni is optimally designed to
compliment a lingam and a lingam is optimally designed to compliment a
yoni. That's how life begins. It never ceases to amaze me how
politically correct some weird new age sex education teachers market and
describe what seems to me all the makings of instructing female homosexual/ lesbian masturbation   and a
dildo swapping orgies. And they make a fortune doing so.  WHY?  Because Men and
Women are so completely perversely estranged from each other in this fucked up
Western Culture in America and a lot of other places.  I've made it perfectly clear I respect true homosexuals who were born that way like I respect someone who is born with a missing limb, but I despise a culture of gender estrangement that wants to normalize homosexualuty with a passion.  I am an adament supporter of some same gender platonic activities, but that doesn't mean sausage fests where we compare each others  genitalias.