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re:Daughter Of Lesbian Couple Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage

Daughter Of Lesbian Couple Speaks Out Against Gay Marriage

If this daughter of 2 mommies felt like she would have been better off if she grew up with parents who are a Mom and Dad, WHO are these politically correct assholes to dare condem her for telling her experience AND say it's wrong? (espeically which they aren't the least bit privy to)?
+spiralcosmosart Well I should have grown up with Homo Parents!, I was Screaming in the womb, any idiot would know, I was a "Special Baby", That doesn't mean I'm going to go Public & rip my Hetero Parents to  shreads, Heather is a Little Princess with a Daddy Fixation. It's her HUSBAND people should feel sorry for, not her.
You were not in her head when she was a child growing up.  She wished she had a traditional nuclear family.  Something didn't seem right to her without a father.  Her life, her feelings: who are you to judge?     
+spiralcosmosart They aren't condemning her because she spoke out against but because HER DAD LEFT. Her father CHOSE NOT to be apart of her life it has nothing to do with her moms. HER DAD said fuck this and fuck the kid and when he got a divorced disappeared and never wanted anything to do with her. Its like saying well my dog ran away and my parents got a cat so there should a law cause i lost my dog and got stuck with a cat and since it wasnt what i wanted im mad. . .NO her dad was a dick don't blame the fact your mom found love again to make you think you have some resolution. If she had bad parents sure i could see her having an issue if any. . .But the fact that you want dads for people because you didnt have one it is stupid. What if their dad leaves? what is their is a dick? what if their dad acts like yours and says fuck this and moves on? like no having a mom and dad doesnt make it better. And to down your moms who raised you and loved cause your dad didn't want you is shameful and she should feel bad. You just told your mom i know my dad was a dick and left me but i hate you
Heather took after her father, they're both Ass Holes
+Ju'Nelle Brown I'm sure there are some very loving homosexual parents who raise children entirely on their own. And I have nothing against the legality of homosexuals raising children provided they don't abuse them or coerce them into normalizing homosexuality, but she discovered lacking a father was neither optimal nor ideal (all other things being equal). I am a shameless heterocentric person because I happen to believe optimal and ideal (all things being equal) will always be monogamous heterosexual nuclear family. It's a simple matter of gender balance. There are distinct compliment different energies when you are the one who bears a pregnancy, nurses the child with your tits, and the one that simply does the fertilizing. I want familes with 1 biological dad and 1 biological mom for people because there are distinct differences that compliment gender balance. Homosexuality is a bit gender estrangement. I write about this elaborately and do my part to distinguish myself the stereotypical bible thumping homophobes:
Then what of adoptive parent? single parents, and step parents?  They don't follow your ideal so what of those children who turn out fine from that?  And what of the children who have one of both and are fucked up people? I.E. H.H. Holmes America's 1st serial killer had a biological mom and dad who were good people but didn't pay enough attention to their son. He went on to murder people. (Not saying this is the norm of hetero families) But i'm saying no type of family is better and for her to use the fact she has a deadbeat dad is invalid. What happened to her has nothing to do with the issue she is fighting for she should be making a petition against bad parents or deadbeat dads. Not gay marriage. Her dad sucked and if her mom was straight and divorced her dad he would have still not been there.  I thank you for not being a homophobic but to treat another differently in status based of not being what you want is still prejudice and still just as bad. I don't need someone saying i can have kids that is cool but i think it is better if your kids have a mom and dad. NO, mind your business, if kids are in a loving home then they are in an EQUALLY good home as any other loving home. period. Also Gender is socially constructed so it isnt like men and women arent equal there is no role women and men can specifically play. So what is the balanced of gender? the traditional gender roles that suck and aren't even legitimate? 
History/Sociology Major WIns with logic! 
HMMMM, A major, (but well deserved) Bitch Slapping!) Suck it up spiralcosmosart, Medieval morallity & culture is finally starting to die.
+Ju'Nelle Brown No you don't care about logic. You obviously don't dare take the to read my blog and pay attention to my word choices. And you don't care to look at history and the decline of Roman civilization and the pedophilia and homosexual coercion that went on then. "When put the question is homosexuality a sin?  or Is homosexuality immoral?   I have to be completely true to the reality that I do not know because I can never know what it is to be homosexual, but I do know how suggestible and vulnerable children can be, and I do know how innocent people are sometimes born into the world with some kind of disability or injury with no cure through no fault of their own sometimes. I do know something about heterophobia in the sense that there is always a fear of an unwanted or difficult pregnancy: so when people throw around the buzzword "homophobia" it kind of makes me wonder wtf? WTF makes you so free of heterophobia? as though any alleged homophobia from me is any worse than your own heterophobia? " ESPECIALLY, when you completely disrespect this woman's own personal experience growing up with a biological mom and a stepmom, and no biological dad.  There is population control agendas with all sorts of contaminents in the environment which is part of Agenda 21. Some homosexuals have no problem with me believing this and completely agree because they are completely adult consenting beings in their sex life who know damn well they don't have a choice because their hormones are hardwired and tweaked that way from birth from endocrine disruptors and other contaminents in the environment.  Such homosexuals are not likely to change. [AND I RESPECT THose homosexuals FOR THAT trueness to their identity] But then there are another category of people who insist "don't knock being gay until you try it".    That attitude is prevalent and endemic. It's totally pushed in the propaganda. There is an element that insinuates by the very nature of peer pressure that those who've grown up with bad experiences with the opposite gender can rationalize coping out of ideals and principles of optimum sexuality remaining monogamous and heterosexual, and convince themselves homosexuality is right for them, when in reality they are confused souls.  Those people are fucked in the head. So what ifIbelieve that they're fucked in the head?
+Martha Marvelette Medieval morality? Do you know anything about how the Medieval feudalism and dark ages began? It was the aftermath of the fall of the Roman Empire. History? or herstory? One of the oldest dirtiest tricks of a conquering imperialistic culture that eventually leads to its downfall, which happened in Rome and Greek from the Spartans to Alexander the Great's conquest, is for the men to rape other men and subjegate the boys in pedophile bitch boy coercion (Pederasty) If the American military keeps it's rape culture of men raping other men, we're all doomed. Despite of me saying that, I consider homosexuality to more often than not, especially among those homosexuals who keep their sex life exclusively between adults and don't recruit, to be an untreatable injury or disability from a polluted world full of contaminants known as "endocrine disruptors" and sometimes horrible experiences with the opposite gender or unmet emotional affirmations from the same gender growing up as a child, but that by NO MEANS do I believe most homosexuals have choice to be gay.  Again: I don't judge and blame them for being gay in this mixed up world provided the 4 mentioned principles I listed about (4 PRINCIPLES 1. between adult human beings, 2. mutual consensual and 3. private. 4. prefably non-violent)  I am a libertarian in that regard.  I'm all in favor of legalizing state sanctioned marriage for gays, but find it kind of amusing how a gay man told me once "gay people should have the right to get screwd by the state like straight people."  State approval for what adults sex life is designed to fuck over those who seek such approval and has nothing to do with whether or not they are gay or straight.. But it's stupid to say that homosexuality is never coerced. A lot of adult mutual consenting gay people who are born that way who don't recruit and who are totally against pedophiles are some of the most hospitable selfless people I've ever met because they have solidarity with the crippled and admit to themselves of their crippled less than optimal and ideal conditioned.  If they could suddenly flawlessly grow the opposite sex organs for their lover they'd gladly do so and be heterosexual they would, but often there's no surgery that can ever do that without adverse complications and in such cases I applaud them for their open, out of the closet, claims of complete naturally born gay pride because they really don't have a choice.
Okay first Rome did rape but they also didnt know what homosexuality was at the time. They believed in being with women but they believed that sex was sex it has nothing to do with homosexuality. Most of the boys raped were murdered once they got to old, Also the military rapes women just as often as men so if the military allows rape period it will be an issue. Matter of fact rape is an issue period in america or world wide period of either and all genders. The raping of men has nothing to do with homosexuality sometimes men who consider themselves straight rape both genders.. You are back tracking and seem to be unsure in your views. Granted you can be a little of both but you need to elaborate more if you are going to do so. Homosexuality is no more coreced than heterosexuality which is technically more pushed my media and people's reigious agendas who feel the need to do so.  Now i know no homosexual person who would want to change genders to be with there lovers because their lover would still be gay. Also those people if they feel that way about their bodies they are transgender or bi-gendered. Besides homosexual people have not ideal or optimal situations because are people who try to speak for them, don't allow them the same basic human rights, and want to make them seem 2nd hand compared to straight people. Not because they are born in thw wrong body like you somewhat alluding to. I can tell you as someone who is a lesbian i would never want to be a dude. I am a woman and feel like a woman, i want to be a mom one day, and own a business. but i would never want to change genders to be with my girlfriend......I just want to be with her without people acting like it will some how ruin america or is connected to deep haterd or hurt.
Hopefully you completely consensual homosexuals who are adults advocate against pedophilia and all forms  of coercion..  I try and make myself perfectly clear and draw line that I really respect the homosexuals who are completely against coercion or manipulation of all kinds that cause gender estrangement or gender imbalance (and that's not simply a physical concept about yin and yang energies complimenting each other).    I don't understand any man who would dare donate sperm to bring another bastard into this world, but I've met some bastards who grow up to be good people anyways..
So are you caling children born via the sperm bank to couples of all kinds Bastards? Cause that is uncalled for and not even alright. You should be ashamed to call child that. You deserve no respect if you do. Also i no person homosexual or any sexuality who is a good person who believes in anything pedo. .  .Umm that can be a homosexual or heterosexual thing and only pedos condone it. The fact that you say those things means you have some sick twisted view on homosexuality. Also i have been gay since i born so i have always engaged in homosexual relations (not sex i am waiting till marriage) but kissing, liking, dating etc. SO considering i am in college and my gf is a little older i am consentual and so is she. But what to say of a 16 year old?  I also believe that it is fine to teach kids of different people. Meaning kids are allowed to learn of different family types just like they are races. I dont believe corecing anything. People are who they are and should i be corecing heterosexuality like bigots do?
+Ju'Nelle Brown Oh my, my "Yin Yang" is out of Whack, I feel like such a Bastard. The only real Victim in this story is Heather's Husband, He's stuck with a Childish Psychopath looking for a Father Figure, a Jodi Arias/ Casey Anthony wanna be.
+Ju'Nelle Brown Ju'nelle Brown asks: So are you caling children born via the sperm bank to couples of all kinds Bastards? No, but IF that "sperm bank donor" [a.ka. the biological father who masturbates so some woman can do a turkey baster conception] is not the lover and partner of the mother, who is actively involved in raising the child, yeah that child is a bastard to his biological father. Absolutely no Father = complete bastard. If a child grows up without an example and some positive role model of a father figure and a mother figure loving each other intimately, than that's a debilitating factor that is neither ideal nor optimum for human survival and progress. That doesn't mean the child won't overcome that challenge. And that's why I keep repeating "ideal and optimum" and "all other things equal". Gender balance is very near and dear to my heart and it's a damn shame the world is so mixed up and sick and far from ideal or optimum. Bible thumping sanctimonious asshole fake christians and gender supremacist hating ultra militant homosexuals can both go to hell. It's so disgusting how they throw this buzzword homophobia when the worst homophobia has a pretty twisted heterophobic shadow to it.
+Martha Marvelette Gender balance and of male and female energy is a concept of everything sacred, natural, and holy. And it's not necessarily a sexual thing. Gender estrangement i bad and it happens and with homosexuality: there is an obvious physical component to gender estrangement that is suspect. Homosexuality = 100% sterile sex with no reproductive results.
I'm sorry but you never call a child a bastard. So what if they don't have a dad? If a women decides she can parent alone or if two women decide to have a kid together those children are not bastards. Anyone who would call a child that via such an old-school mentality has no class or any respect given from me. Do yourself a favor and rethink how you talk about children. I for one can't even see anything you say as vaild for you lack all merit now. And having a mom and dad is no better than having two of one or the other or having just one. You sounds like someone i don't want ever teaching parenting to anyone. Not to mention having a gender balance isnt proven to be ideal over any other family dynamic
+Ju'Nelle Brown There's 2 types of coercion: There's overt rape and then there is psychological rape. Homosexuality by default is suspect to whether or not it was coerced because it's a completely 100% sterile form of sex with no chance of continuing the reproduction of the human species. I personally have met homosexuals who leveled with me and said to "I can't be heterosexual" They said they tried to be hetero and wanted to be heterosexual, but it didn't work out for them so they had to come out of the closet.
I have Never "suffered" from Opposite Sex Attraction, I have as much chance of changing my orientation as I do, my eye color.
+Ju'Nelle Brown You say as a lesbian (a female homosexual) you never want to be a dude? Really? If there was such a thing as a detachable biological living penis that would allow either you or your lover to experience what it's like to have a biological penis, where you or her orgasms through the penis, (but you could detach it re-attach it as easily as you do with strap on dildos), you're saying you would never have sex with that?
Good Lord how limited are you "spiralcosmosart", Try having someone eat your Box till your nose bleeds, You'll never want to see another "Penis" for as long as you live!
+Ju'Nelle Brown My mother was an adoptee whose information about her heredity and a lot of my heredity is being withheld by the State of Colorado.  I totally support "Bastard Nation", an advocacy group for adoptee's rights.  I am effectively a bastard for a lot of the emotional support I didn't get from my dad when I needed it the most.   I don't use the pejorative "bastard" to insult or stigmatize children.  I don't taunt children with absent fathers with that term, but let's calll a spade, children ARE better off with both a father and a mother and without a father they are bastards.  If there was a nice concise and accurate  infammatory TRUTHFUL word THAT EXPRESSES the TRUTH about being motherless as at least as bad as being a bastard,  I'D USE THAT WORD TOO.      And I use the to term to raise awareness to importance of having both a good father and mother active as ane essential component in the child's life growing up.   Fuck the politically correct BULL SHIT, by these men hating HETEROphobic feminists  who want to destroy the sacredness of a genderbalanced family.  You've shown your contempt for me CLEAR, and now my contempt for you is CLEAR!   Goodbye Ju'nelle!
Praise the Lord, The Biggest Lesbian of all!!!
Goodbye to you as well. I support that child does not need both to be well adjusted and i am secure in the fact that i think anyone who uses a cuss word to refer to children is not someone i wouldnt not show contempt. For but i hold no contempt i just don't give you any merit which i am allowed to do.
Lesbian Mom should have shopped at the Sperm Bank, she could have avoided the Poor Me Princess Gene that seems to dominate Miss Heathers Life. A Lesbian daughter would have been so much easier too!
+Martha Marvelette I get it? Sounds like a bunch of heterophobic misandronist hate rhetoric Men are just sperm donors? Just milk em' for their gism? Don't have any true bonding between the 2 complimentary and opposite genders.
+spiralcosmosart Any "Bond" between 2 Loving Parents is a good thing, It doesn't depend on the Orientation of the couple. Heather's Daddy didn't want to be anything more than a "Jizz" donation, he was smart, Heather is a simpering, spoiled cry baby, I'm sure Daddy's life was much better without her.

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