Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Sanctimonious Love Speech

Any responsible adult human being who observes unfortunate innocent souls born into this world deprived of ideal and optimal opportunities to successfully arrange and consecrate themselves into relationships as monogamous mating bonding pairs, lovers, best friends, and life partners with partners of the opposite sex

Take Back the Rainbow !

naturally and functionally designed to compliment each other, as

1 mother and 1 father,
1 man and 1 woman,
1 husband and 1 wife, completely loyal to each other with a safe place to reproduce and raise their own biological children healthy, chaste, and free from abuse

must by every means necessary strive to annihilate all sources of deprivation of such opportunities, and categorically admit such sources of deprivation are the mortal enemies, of such human beings' who strive for such ideals and optimism

And when such human being is such an unfortunate innocent soul and recognizes these ideal principles, he must have the will power to fight to the absolute death and seek martyrdom rather than be content with an inferior lot in life.  To die on one's feet standing up fighting one's enemies  is always better than living grovelling as a slave.  The death penalty for losing mortal combat against one's tyrannical evil enemies is always better than being content as a peon weakling crippled by filthy fucking rich plastic parasites who push an agenda that youth be undermined by such plastic parasitical pedophile pedocidal parasitical materialism whose diabolical power in this world need never manifest it's ugly fucking face ever again.     Otherwise the human race is doomed to extinction.

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  1. Eugene / Lane County and the Rest of the PNW fake ultra left wing idiots in a nutshell (OF FAR MORE EXCLUSIVELY SEGREGATED WHITE EUROPEAN HERITAGE than almost ANYWHERE in North America by the way): as birds of 1 feather
    flock together

    The eternal
    costume peasant
    new age yuppy
    fake progressive


    The eternal
    costume peasant
    fake anarchist
    anus kiss freak

    free and strong
    is an addict and weak

    is following a herd of dipshits
    and group think

    feral and wild
    means debauchery and stink

    you and your clique of fellow posers
    Hates authority
    only when it selectively
    fucks you all over

    never walk
    any real talk
    or any of your own
    worth a SHIT

    Wear the death head / totenkopf
    and take another bong HIT

    wear the consensus uniform
    and some trendy fruitcake
    androgonous hairstyle,
    goofy threads,
    nappy hair,
    and black hoodies

    enjoy your jerk circle
    with your tiny little woodies

    sit around and snicker
    be the ZOMBIE
    black bloc
    hornet's nest kicker

    THEN wonder why
    you get profiled as a
    dumbass wiggers?

    never ask again
    which turns out to be
    nothing more
    than a promiscuous buttfucking orgy

    buy into the lies
    of crimethinc
    and eat it hook line and sink

    join the clique
    join the cult
    join the congregation
    join the FLOCK

    get coerced into being queer
    where all women
    are little girls who munch carpet
    and all men
    are little boys who suck COCK!

    go back to sleep
    follow the shephard
    and be like the rest of the
    don't raise an eyebrow
    and don't even blink
    just follow the herd of fellow
    [zombie]/brainwashed DRAINBO dipshits
    with mindless group think
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    Stephan Cosmos Arthur I never hid my true anti-anuskiss colors in this town