Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Regarding Jeanice Barcelo blaming Judaism

Heinrich Himmler admits to Genocide of Jews https://youtu.be/6yi9hT8ES2g  Certainly a case can be made a substantial number of very clever shrewd and disgusting people of Jewish heritage and people who claim they are Jews are responsible for pushing a lot of sexual vices such as pornography etcetera, but I strongly feel like Jeanice paints a diverse religion with diverse sects and belief systems with a very broad brush of condemnation. Jeanice and a lot of others like Jeff Rense are taking a very slippery slope stance.  In my heart and from my experience I have met people of Jewish heritage and religion along with people of offshoot Abrahamic religions (Christianity, The Bahai Faith,  Islam ) who have a kinder gentler version of their monotheistic God.

Heritage and acquaintance association is no excuse for condemnation of anyone.  The Nazis of Germany didn't give a fuck about that principle of simply punish the bad deeds of corrupt versions of Judaism.  Heinrich Himmler and the rest of Hitler's inner circle make that case perfectly clear that mass genocide by heritage and association was the goal.  The blind hatred committed was unprecedented and well documented regardless of whether or not the 6 million jew body count was accurate or an exaggeration. The whole issue around Holocaust acceptance and Denial is so emotionally loaded and sensitive that I cannot make any estimate on the body count! Regardless Heinrich Himmler was a wicked evil dark Occultist and effectively a Satanist. Why on earth would Jay Parker the son of a Satanic/Illuminati/Wicked Cunt/Witch claim that Witch was elated at Jews exaggerating the Jew body count fooling the media without that same Witch being elated, happy, and impressed by Heinrich Himmler's black magic and dark arts exterminating Jews at the same time?

Pointing fingers at Jews, or any one ethnic group or religion is a slippery slope. Larry Flynt the main pioneer of depraved pornography in the USA is not Jewish at all.

I would appreciate reformed Jews, people of Jewish Heritage, or Jews who don't commit any of the disgusting behavior Jeanice Barcelo describes respond and make a better case for your better kinder more gentler version of your Abrahamic God. I want to know you who are a counter example of Jeanice Barcelo's depiction of all of you.

As far as I know Brother K of bloodstained Men has Jewish heritage. And so do a lot of Brother K's friends. The director of that movie "The Believer" who condemns Abraham's near human sacrafice in that movie, is someone of Jewish origins who bravely criticizing his own.  Norman Finkelstein the son of Jewish Holocaust survivors condemns Israel's cruel human rights abuses.  These people are human beings, even if they are biologically related to parasites.  Okay?

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