Thursday, February 9, 2017

"Euro Hetero Patriarchy" part 2


Red Power: Standing Rock Part II - RISE (Full Episode)

44:00 I wonder if they would've ever allowed footage of John Trudell if the left wing producers of this video knew he Categorically Called Hillary Clinton the Reptilian Witch that she is.
39:36 My skin crawls at the way some people in the extreme left in America hijacks native American Indian Movements. This is documentary is suited to the feminist agenda which isn't always about some kind of harmonious respect for women and their role as lifegivers, but hatred to men. Don't get me wrong, the #DAPL pipeline is evil and the oil industry is completely evil and should stop, but there are racist violent child molesting women who are mothers, wives and sister of these cops, soldiers, and pipeline construction workers and racist mothers of these same racist men who completely failed. They didn't learn to hate women all of a sudden one morning without being abused. And to create a documentary here and subtly push this team female feminist lesbian good, team penis heterosexualmen born to be rapists. . . is all part of the whole homosexual pushing heterophobia agenda which has the same disgusting effect of divide and conquer as the nihilistic right wing defiling the earth with these pipeline. 2 spirit people in American Indian traditions are not the kind of coerced homosexuals and pedophilia of the traditional Western perversion since the times of the Ancient Roman Empire and probably long before then.

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