Monday, June 15, 2015

issues with Eve Ensler's cult followers (a.k.a. Vagina Monologues)

It seems Men's rights movement needs bisexual Karen Vaughn's skirt to hide in to even begin to make a dent of publicity  into certain men hating feminists' head.  I totally agree with Karen in this video

The sketch that is the most disgusting about the Vagina Monlogues.  Eve praises lesbian pedophile coercion:

spiralcosmosart 1 year ago
This whole sketch is the classic "good cop/bad cop" routine of homosexual coercion. Big bad pedophile rapist man traumatizes the living shit out of the poor girl, but she is saved by pedophile lesbian's tongue and more gentle touch. It's rather disgusting if you think this is somehow some kind of true healing from being traumatized, or being liberated from evil men.

spiralcosmosart 1 year ago (edited)
I don't understand why any truly self-empowered self reliant truly natural wholesome woman needs to recite this script of Eve Ensler's. At one time I was impressed that women were liberated to openly describe their own vaginas, and that this was a great movement of women's empowerment to do so, but it's quite clear to me now that this a cult of misnadrony and a crutch of misandrony, and that the so called "women" who identify themselves as "feminists" are really all a bunch of little girls who need Eve Ensler's vagina to speak for their own.

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