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heterophobic New Age Butt freak spin logic suggests "open up the ass" to get spiritual

Sexual Spiritual Healing -Tobias Lars




This is exactly the bizarre  rationalization for experimenting with gay sex  of don't-knock-until-you-try-it  that I get sick and tired of.  I don't wish to bash people who can't help themselves for being gay, but when I hear logic like this quoted below it insults both gay people and straight people


Quoting from Tobias Lars Video  Verbatum :                  

" 10:46 Client I had years ago - a psychic himself.  The suggestion he said (he happened to be gay) said open up to the other sex for him.  If all is God is all is source where are your placing your limitations?  Where are you judging which is not?    12:16  So there's opening and going through the sex.
You can't avoid your staff  you can't just go spiritual and hope it all goes away it doesnt work that way. You need to descend the full embodiment with the descension into the spinal column. And go down and clear and allow to the surface all that stuff thatyou may have stuck in your 1st 2nd chakra. And the the best way the quickest way to do that
Is to ask god source universe for or when it presents itself let god source, let her/she/it/him be present your own higher self, your own source, your own heartmy way I like the heart there's non-heart sex, there's rage sex, there's denial sex, there's luciferean or ego controlling power sex) of course But the Quickest way to real awakening is to find someone that is also interested in real awakening not bull shit creepy touchy feely tantra classes.  And they're not all that way, but many of them are you gotta feel and go ahh. . "this feels creepy to me" . . . . "or there's a real person.  You know I like this this feels good"  and all hell breaks loose.  And I'm gonna tell you men. If you open up that gateway you will have better sex, better power, better love, better intense new ways of fucking with your woman if you can open the first gate  your ass    "   


Just when I thought you were on the same page as me and made excellent points on Abrahamic religions, you then have to express something I completely disagree with:  13:46    "men if you open up that gateway . . . . open up the ass"    So let me get this straight Essentially what you're saying is men should butt fuck each other to get spiritual?  Sorry New Age Mister Newage Nutfreak/sodomite/Butt Pirate, but mine and a lot of other completely natural root chakra seems to open for exit purposes of elimination only.  You and your other new age bull shit kinky weirdos can play fondle the hershey highway and give yourselves homosexual n or (heterosexual for that matter) corn holing prostrate massages until your cuticles are filled with shit and stay the fuck away from propositioning children.

+spiralcosmosart NOT what I'm saying...I'm saying ALL parts of our Divinely created bodies are Holy. How could the Divine Intelligence...make something that is not holy, beauty full, part of Source? WE (and obviously you, with spewing that venom there) make things 'good' and 'evil'...this concept is basic real awakening on the real spiritual path. And therefore ALL parts of our bodies, and we've hated and made our bodies 'wrong' for a long time....all parts need to be allowed to be in the Sacred space. So men/women, or women / women, men/ some point, or by our selves will need to make that most 'unholy' place ...the asshole...also holy. You obviously have a big reaction to it...many heterosexual couples enjoy anal you projecting your homosexual/anal fears on to this...not appropriate. Deal with your own 'shit' don't push it on others (couldn't resist) God Source - Divine Intelligence...the Higher Self OBVIOUSLY created the idea / concept of SEX...therefore whatever created Sex is BOTH and ALL of what Sexuality is. ie. Both male and female. And name calling, ad hominem attacks...just show how triggered you are...which is ok - but(t) (c'mon that's funny ;) ) blaming others, attacking others?....'Blame is Lame' with your own judgments, fears...don't project on others. Name calling is not helpful... YOU are projecting some fear about men, homosexuality, your own fears about that. don't worry no one is saying you need to be part of, as you so eloquently put it ;) "buttfucking each other...corn holing prostrate massages." on healing that in yourself. We do not do ad hominem attacks on this you will be deleted/banned if you continue. The chances of you not frothing at the mouth or not attacking... sadly, are likely between nil and zero... Could you prove me wrong? or are humans SO predictable when triggered by their subconscious fears that they just lash out and attack, unwilling to ask 'hmmm....I don't know ....others are free to do what they want....and I'll do what I want? Isn't that what causes unconscious people to go to war and kill each other? So why would you want to contribute to that old model of 'reactionary attack' just because you don't understand something... and p.s. the 'children' thing what - does consenting adults have to do with children?...that's off the scale crazy, now ur hitting the 'bat shit' level by projecting some child molestation on people (millions btw) that allow a larger sexuality than you???!!! Vaginal, oral, anal intercourse are normal on this planet ...NONE of those are shared with children by healthy adults.

+Tobias Lars All right, without berating you with any more concise and pertinent slang terms: Your own words: "Vaginal, oral, anal intercourse are normal on this planet ...NONE of those are shared with children by healthy adults." Yeah there is sacredness in all creation''s anatomy, especially understanding having an exhaust orofice for that purpose. You want to normalize anal sex among adults. You want to normalize the functional orofice of elimination (waste, death, destruction) is a 2 way lane and confuse it with the functional organ of reproduction (life creation). You said it very clearly and categorically "open up the ass". And now you want to spin me as a homophobe or some how full of fear when all I'm doing is explaining truth? No I'm not afraid of you or else I wouldn't be confronting you or any of you people into anal sex and all your twisted spin logic to normalize it. Whatever floats your boat. More often than not people who have the kind of moral relativity and the slippery slope of you suffer from hetero phobia far worse than any alleged homophobia on my part

You have your view of that...I would suggest ALL of the body is (w)holy..made by a God or Divine Intelligence, Source...whatever term one may use. that is my View. The 'smart' person will allow others to have their views imo... You can certainly have yours...but 'Free Will' and 'Free People' are allowed their own views. I respect other people enough that they can have their own views. I DON'T respect people who name call, do ad hominem attacks, because someone else's views aren't' the same as  their views. You attacked someone simply because they don't 'BE LIE ve' the way you do. I suggest that that is a major problem on Earth that leads to all kinds of persecution, attacks, actual outright wars... etc. Not  a healthy modus operandi in my opinion to attack people because they don't believe the way we do.. Kinds smacks of fun-da-mental mind programming - not allowing others their own beliefs.. "Fools argue, (or reactionary name call), wise people discuss." and projecting on to me - what is your mind programs..inappropriate, inaccurate, not smart. I am likely one of the LEAST promiscuous, take advantage of all the women (or men, though that is not my sexual attraction, and I would be honest with it if I was) that offer themselves to me. And that happens simply because I happen to put my face out there...(see my video on the 'Plastic Tomato Effect') And if you met me...and knew some about'd know that there is no 'heterophobia' fact the Male Principle, the Active, the  healthy Hetero Male is DEFINITELY part of my interest. The Healing of the Real Male, Letting Men get healthy again, come back to a healthy strong AND HEARTFull male model is my interest. But lashing out/ attacking/ is NOT a  REAL COURAGEOUS HEARTFULL MAN - that's the pussy-fied, weak, bully, that's run by fear male. That's what you did. Own up to it, if you have the balls and heart to. Real Men call each other out when they fuck up. Just like a Wolf Pack would. btw- we do a Wolf Adventure, where we hang out with real wolves at my friends Wolf Sanctuary, We go do real Medicine Ceremonies in the Amazon ...where the 'bully', anger ruled 'shaman' that are afraid of their own hearts, their own openness with feelings and love are definitely considered weaker by the real Heart Shamans....and they do get their asses kicked by the Heart Shamans. And of course it's not healthy, the wimpy, over feminized, males we've created alot of lately in our CULTure. It's about QUALITY, LOVE, and real SPIRITUAL ENERGIES mixed with sexuality - and that I point out several times in the video. so your rant about 'homosexual...etc...and then adding children to it....was WAY over the top, reactionary, obvious issue that you are reactionary to. You seeing that in yourself, admitting and perhaps,,. oh my god, calling you out now...apologizing for your reactionary attack....would be the COURAGEOUS spiritual thing to do, the weak position is to never look at ourselves, never 'see the beam in our own eye'...but to reflexively lash out and attack..., imo. MY point as I state in the opening statement of this video is to INCLUDE real LOVE and not some sexual addiction/promiscuity. MANY Homosexual people are addicted to unhealthy sex. MANY Heterosexual people are addicted to unhealthy sex. My intention is to start perhaps a 'Sexual Healing' process for this planet in some small way.

+Tobias Lars I gotta say I applaud you for being just the kind of ridiculous spin monkey for bizarre and perverted political correct ideas of sexuality that thoroughly insults a lot of men who are survivors of homosexual pedophile coercion as children (or women survivors of child sex abuse too for that matter). Your convoluted idiot logic promoting anal sex makes a nice punching bag for all of these survivors. Even though you yourself may very well not be a pedophile or gay, its no stretch of the imagination where a lot of others with your bullshit logic to normalize anal sex or gay sex is going in public schools and the rest of society. It's all about "don't knock it until you try it" isn't it? And you don't draw a line about standards of the ideal and optimum for reproduction and pleasure exchange between yin and yang polarities like I do even though you claim to be only adult heterosexual yourself? I can't retract nor apologize about the name calling. There's too much suffering in the world for you to deserve that on this issue.

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