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Big Recycled Post of Basic things. Crushing Crimethinc Anuskiss Fake Anarchists

Monogamous Heterocentricism revisited:

The policially correct ultra left wing view toward homosexuality is to push the word "homophobia" and "heterocentric"
to stigmatize all those who dare point out the ridiculously fucking obvious: that there is nothing ideal nor optimal about homosexuality and promiscuity compared to monogamous heterosexuality, all things being equal, while pretending there is no such thing as heterophobia.

Sexphobia is the key issue: All sex is a scary proposition given the kind of things that can go wrong.
Here's the Basic three: 1. UNWANTED PREGNANCIES and 2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 3. The plausibility of Inciting jealousy and envy regarding competitive elements to breed and mate.

Here's as simple as it gets for me: Since homosexuals don't reproduce by themselves naturally, heterosexuality, especially monogamous heterosexuality, seems perfectly ideal and optimum for the human race: all other things equal!

Human reproduction seems hindered, convoluted, complicated, and prone to problems that are not as likely to occurr if 1 adult man and 1 adult woman loved each other for life and produced and raised children from that union almost entirely on their own in that household.  It's a simple matter of the closest distance between 2 different opposite complimentary reproductive ingredients and a loving wholesome understanding between those who have that reproductive experience.

Any responsible adult human being who observes unfortunate innocent souls born into this world deprived of ideal and optimal opportunities to successfully arrange and consecrate themselves into relationships as monogamous mating bonding pairs, lovers, best friends, and life partners with partners of the opposite sex

naturally and functionally designed to compliment each other, as

1 mother and 1 father,
1 man and 1 woman,
1 husband and 1 wife, completely loyal to each other with a safe place to reproduce and raise their own biological children healthy, chaste, and free from abuse

must by every means necessary strive to annihilate all sources of deprivation of such opportunities, and categorically admit such sources of deprivation are the mortal enemies, of such human beings' who strive for such ideals and optimism

And when such human being is such an unfortunate innocent soul and recognizes these ideal principles, he must have the will power to fight to the absolute death and seek martyrdom rather than be content with an inferior lot in life.  To die on one's feet standing up fighting one's enemies  is always better than living grovelling as a slave.  The death penalty for losing mortal combat against one's tyrannical evil enemies is always better than being content as a peon weakling crippled by filthy fucking rich plastic parasites who push an agenda that youth be undermined by such plastic parasitical pedophile pedocidal parasitical materialism whose diabolical power in this world need never manifest it's ugly fucking face ever again.     Otherwise the human race is doomed to extinction.


Basic Sexual ethics: 1. Between adult humans 2. mutual consensual and 3. in Private. 4. and
hopefully/preferably non-violent.

It is the intent of SpiralCosmosArt to ask that

extreme right wing bible thumping conservatives who hate non-
heterosexuals/homosexuals/transgenders/queers/lesbians/bisexuals etc.

extreme left wing liberals who want to militantly push the extreme opposite agenda and suffer
from heterophobia
to consider that sometimes non-heterosexuality (queering / homosexuality/ and trans-genderism) is
coerced by “endocrine disrupters that tweak and permanently warp the hormones of such people for
life, and a lot of other causal factors that are open to debate, often from cruel dirty tricks of
competition, abuse, and coercive population control agendas, being completely respectful of the fact
that there is good scientific reason that most a substantial number of people's sexual orientation really is a result of being“born
that way” and they really “don't have a choice”, and cannot change and are human beings who deserve
human rights like anyone else, including whatever perceived blessings they expect to get out of a State
sanctioned “marriage”, or even adoption rights of children if there is no monogamous heterosexual role
models or family life available worth a shit and 4 ethical principles of sex are never violated: 1.
Between adult humans 2. mutual consensual and 3. in Private. 4. preferably non-violent

Unless I am single and concerned about seeking out a monogamous heterosexual woman to seek to reciprocate my monogamous heterosexuality and have lots of good loving monogamous sex, which I often am, I usually don't really care what other people's sex life is like in their private life, Provided These 4 PRINCIPLES 1. between adult human beings, 2. mutual consensual and 3. private. 4. preferably non-violent  I am a libertarian in that regard.  I'm all in favor of legalizing state sanctioned marriage for gays, but find it kind of amusing how a gay man told me once "gay people should have the right to get screwed by the state like straight people."  State approval for whether or not adults' sexuality  is designed to fuck over those who seek such approval and has nothing to do with whether or not they are gay or straight.

 I stand by the notion heterosexual monogamy is optimum and ideal for human survival given all other things being equal.  It is important that I stress "all other things being equal".  I believe heterosexual monogamy is optimum and ideal, without going into the graphic details of anatomical reasons,  for the most simple reason: because heterosexual monogamy involves only 2 party extreme love and pleasure energy transaction of co-creators for reproduction with energy and bodies that compliments each other to produce synergy, where as homosexuals don't reproduce on their own and need 3rd party sperm donation to reproduce, and often sex toys a lot like some people are born into this world needing prosthetic limbs.  Promiscuous non-monogamy (whether gay or straight) seems to complicate the energy exchange diluting the possibilities of optimum synergy and love with much risk of that love being diluted, subverted and undermined through jealousy while trying to juggle multiple partners in vain.

For those who disagree with heterosexual monogamy being optimal and ideal.  Perhaps your idea of evidence for failed heterosexual monogamous societies is pointing out all the legacies of failed societies rather than looking at the principles of failed gender balance? without taking into account and consideration that a lot of the failed heterosexual societies are really infested with a lot of pedophiles who are coercing children into homosexuality?

Think about how subversive and cruel pedophilia is.

 Maybe you are not taking into account the brutal mating competition done by heterosexuals who are really closet pedophiles, pedophiles who could be into closet homosexual or heterosexual pedophile predation?

Do you consider the damage and confusion child victims of sex offender causes?  Through somekind of brutal mating competition?

You want evidence?  What kind of historical anecdote after anecdote of polyamorous/polygamous/ and/or homosexual  societies where there is trouble do you need?  For now to start: I can think of survivors of fundamental Mormon polygamy cults, a lot of organized religions,and maybe some others anecdotes where especially the children from such promiscuous unions are in endless feuds with their siblings indoctrinated by their parents' jealousy issues.  Personally, a lot of the aftermath generation X's of the free love generation of the baby boomers have had similar issues.

When put the question is homosexuality a sin?  or Is homosexuality immoral?   I have to be completely true to the reality that I do not know because I can never know what it is to be homosexual, but I do know how suggestible and vulnerable children can be, and I do know how innocent people are sometimes born into the world with some kind of disability or injury with no cure through no fault of their own sometimes. I do know something about heterophobia in the sense that there is always a fear of an unwanted or difficult pregnancy: so when people throw around the buzzword "homophobia" it kind of makes me wonder wtf? WTF makes you so free of heterophobia? as though any alleged homophobia from me is any worse than your own heterophobia?

Hetero phobia is real, and everyone suffers from it from some degree or another to a certain degree.  Who doesn't fear unwanted pregnancies?  Who isn't afraid of certain people breeding un-sustainably?

Pedophiles, those into bestiality, and a lot of other sex offenders deserve to be annihilated off the face of the earth because it is a completely depraved level of de- sensitivity that corrodes the world.  Does that mean executions?  I don't know. But definitely quarantining them and rehabilitating them some way if that is even remotely possible.   Children's sexuality is underdeveloped, the child has no way of knowing what's going on.   Same with animals.  Child sex abuse is extremely cruel given how vulnerable and suggestible children are.

 There is population control agendas with all sorts of contaminents in the environment which is part of Agenda 21. Some homosexuals have no problem with me believing this and completely agree because they are completely adult consenting beings in their sex life who know damn well they don't have a choice because their hormones are hardwired and tweaked that way from birth from endocrine disruptors and other contaminents in the environment.  Such homosexuals are not likely to change. But then there are another category of people who insist "don't knock being gay until you try it".    That attitude is prevalent and endemic. It's totally pushed in the propaganda. There is an element that insinuates by the very nature of peer pressure that those who've grown up with bad experiences with the opposite gender can rationalize coping out of ideals and principles of optimum sexuality remaining monogamous and heterosexual, and convince themselves homosexuality is right for them, when in reality they are confused souls.  Those people are fucked in the head. So what if I believe that they're fucked in the head?

I consider homosexuality to more often than not, especially among those homosexuals who keep their sex life exclusively between adults and don't recruit, to be an untreatable injury or disability from a polluted world full of contaminants known as "endocrine disruptors" and sometimes horrible experiences with the opposite gender or unmet emotional affirmations from the same gender growing up as a child, but that by NO MEANS do I believe most homosexuals have choice to be gay.  Again: I don't judge and blame them for being gay in this mixed up world provided the 4 mentioned principles I listed about. But it's stupid to say that homosexuality is never coerced.

Rev. Phil Valentine - Re-Engineering Gender: The Systematic Rise of Homosexuality

Now: given the facts stated above, re-visiting the seemingly innocuous phrase ". . . I was born this way . . . takes on a more definitive, revealing and profoundly meaningful perspective . .
Again; for the sake of argument, let us temporarily concede that homosexuality is " something you are born with". . If this is the case, the 64 million dollar question then becomes . . . .;
If "Nature" designs an archetypal organism with inherent and pronounced specifications. In order that these specifications perform a particular function: said function and design to fulfill a specific purpose, what then must be assumed if said design specifications do not function to inevitably fulfill its ultimate purpose . . . ??!!
Repeating the Same Quote:
If "Nature"
[And we're talking about omniscient intelligence. We're talking about something you can't comprehend. You only think you know. And many of you are too young out there: . . . . "white man gotta god complex" You remember that? Well that's what we're talking about that And for you to push this nonsense on people who are balanced within the Mahatean principle to tell us that somehow we are to incorporate this birth defect. I still love my child if he's got a birth defect but I'm not gonna act like I want to be part of that defect. I'm suppose to raise that person help and care for that person not to politically engender that so that my child who I want to raise in Mahatean principles is suppose to go out and experiment in it. How do you experiment at being / at doing the things that come with a birth defect?
Listen carefully If "Nature" designs an archetypal organism with inherent and pronounced specifications. In order that these specifications perform a particular function: [check me?] said function and design to fulfill a specific purpose, what then must be assumed if said design specifications do not function to inevitably fulfill its ultimate purpose . . . ??!!
Put it another way: If design denotes function, and function must ultimately follow and fulfill the purpose of the design, what must be assumed when the MIND OF said organism operates CONTRARTY to the ultimate intention of the design that houses it . . ???
ANSWER . . ENDOCRINE DISRUPTORS . . . !!!! "Endocrine disruptors" YOU ALL get to KNOW that phrase. . . Because Every DAMn THING in this Society is an Endocrine Disruptor!
And if you can still keep your feelings for a man for a woman
and you can still keep your feelings for a woman as a man.
Then you gotta great chance of keeping your sanity.
Because when they dysfunction you as a man and they dysfunction you as a woman they take away the equilibrium that society needs in thinking in actions in forwarding this society in
Maatian principles[END QUOTE PHIL Valentine's Lecture]


A lot of adult mutual consenting gay people who are born that way who don't recruit and who are totally against pedophiles are some of the most hospitable selfless people I've ever met because they have solidarity with the crippled and admit to themselves of their crippled less than optimal and ideal conditioned.  If they could suddenly flawlessly grow the opposite sex organs for their lover they'd gladly do so and be heterosexual they would, but often there's no surgery that can ever do that without adverse complications and in such cases I applaud them for their open, out of the closet, claims of complete naturally born gay pride because they really don't have a choice.

I have the utmost respect for all incurable asexuals, celibates, homosexuals, LBQTA, transgenders who make the best of a bad situation by zealously seeking their true lovers, yet are severely hindered from ever experiencing the joy and bliss of loving trusting heterosexual monogamous lovemaking, if indeed it is not their fault, and they really were born that way or coerced that way from the wretched Agenda 21 perverted and parasitical elements pushing pedophilia and endocrine disruptors and family disruption.

I have the same utmost respect for those who must function through life with prosthetic limbs or wheel chairs all aspiring to win a gold medal guineess world record marathon with 2 good legs, yet somehow manage to do well simply by virtue of stepping up to the plate and participating in the "special olympics" instead, regardless of how they rank, regardless if they finish last in the race or the game . . . . These people are my heroes by virtue of their zeal to face the challenge and pursue the ideal, however distant victory may be.

I have the utmost respect for all those incapable of securing a safe place to produce children and raise children on their private organic garden farms of sustainable productive self reliant family estates with indigineous primitive values and morality applied , due to the systemic bludgeoning of wage slavery, urbanization, and tyranny of all forms.

I have the utmost respect for all those who see the idealism of heterosexual monogamous pair bonding 2 biological parents, to each each other's king and queen, in a world with a beautiful confederations of this basic family unit with the two adults, that one woman and one man, of that household's right to bear arms and the American 2nd Amendment secured, as responsible parents, with a homeschooling collective based on moral principles, daming the cult-hazing state sponsored public school soft kill cult hazing terrorism to absolute hell.

Damn all those who would disrupt this basic idealism and coerce children into sexual promiscuity and perversion. Woe to those who deny the eternal ecstasy of this basic yin yang bond of sovereign natural law secured, and wholesome human reproduction. Damn the bloody imperialistic Nanny State to hell and their poisonous vaccines, along with all the criminal elements, (inside or outside of governments or corporations), who kick that tumorous State-ist hornets' nests,
and encourage it to fester and infect the human soul,
who foster the Nanny cuntatorships and pricktatorships dicktating our lives into a country (CUNT-tree)
determined to abduct our children and dumb us all down into compliant dipshit addicted sheep,
prodding us like cattle and domesticated dumb beasts,
exploiting us again and again generation after generation.
AND Making us all out to be utter complete fucking fools.

Smash the sterile agenda of y.u.p.p. 'ies.'s
(youth undermined/urbanized/usurped into plastic perverse parasites),
by every means necessary. . .
damn it to fucking hell,
annihilate it and cremate it
with tender loving care,
as they try in vain to cremate care at "The Bohemian Grove"
year after year.

because The Truth can never be defeated and will
annihilate lies eventually

This is the Rhythm of Time that Bobby Sands wrote about [LINK HERE'

Tender loving care is life.

Disgusting elitist parasitical powers are death. And eventually inevitably they will all be damned.

True noble Anarchy is basic yin/yang, king and queen single family monarchy on organic natural sustainable single family private estates with access to at least all the suppressed clean energy outlaw technology of off grid sustainability thoroughly linked on,

True noble Anarchy Categorically Never was, and Not the debaucherous bull shit of promiscuity that weird liberals sell off as "ecosexuality" or "polyamory" "collectivism" and cliques. . .in various insane ultra-left wing lies and bull shit that's been tried, tested, and debunked again and again and again . . . .the entire 20th Century and now for the past 15 years of 21st. As though Marxist philosophy ever had any applications worth a shit?
The politically correct ultra left wing view toward homosexuality is to push the word "homophobia" and "heterocentric"
to stigmatize all those who dare point out the ridiculously fucking obvious: that there is nothing ideal nor optimal about homosexuality compared to monogamous heterosexuality, all things being equal, while pretending there is no such thing as heterophobia.

The politically correct ultra left wing view is to push ultra insane feminist supremacy of the Nanny Sate

completely emasculate the fathers into a piece of shit tools,
and encourage the mothers to be demoralized dingbat mamby pamby fucking brood mares,
forcing koolaid on their own children like Jonestown, selling their souls to public schools,
and vaccinating and pushing pharmaceutical drugs on them,
hating everything sacred and holy about
proper natural sacred development

The politically correct left wing view toward homosexuality

- completely ignore that homosexuality is ever coerced,
- that there is nothing defective about engaging in completely sterile sex,
and that there is no such thing as an environment political agenda 21 to control and crop the population through their own containments, often called "endocrine disruptors"
While . . . The politically correct ultra right wing view of homosexuality is to

Bible thump /Book of Mormon Thump/ Koran Thump/ Talmud Thump

and essentially Dogma Thump
children away from homosexuality with biblical stories of Sodom and Gomorrah burning, when their churches are infested with pedophile pastors and pedophile "respectable" babysitters, molesting children and completely crushing the children's will power to report, due to fear of the wretched stigma. And of course they have their elitist politicians engaging in some vile debaucherous pedophile/pedocidal agenda to show their ass hating all life all the same in some weird version or another. "Franklin Coverrup" "Bohemian Grove et. al.
Sexphobia is the key issue: All sex is a scary proposition given the kind of things that can go wrong.
Here's the Basic three: 1. UNWANTED PREGNANCIES and 2. Sexually Transmitted Diseases. 3. Inciting Jealousy and envy regarding competitive elements to breed and mate.


If you dumb fucking AnusKissing Anarchists, especially those who claim they are some kind of moderateness and human rights activism,

and not some over the top left wing agenda,
who drift in some kind of ridiculous "moral relativism" of bull shit addiction and instant gratification hedonism,

can't figure this out you really are all a bunch of fake mother fucking
enslaved monkeys for the elitist filth fucking rich agenda to fuck the whole world in to a world of shit.

Debunking Garbage From Crimethinc:


"What About the Children?"

"What about the children?" demand the shocked sentries of the bourgeoisie when they hear about yet another marriage endangered by an affair, terrified that their own strayings might come out next. Well, what about them? [END QUOTE]

As a generation X child survivor of parents from the Baby Boomer Generation living a stupid slutty bull shit lifestyle exhibiting willy nilly uncommitment and failures I can say with absolute certainty Poly-amory is promiscuity and it's total new age bullshit.  And it's almost always some super complacent wealthy yuppy weird new age nutty idiot with no clue how sacred principles are to seek a life partner pushing this.   I've been adversely affected by the babyboomer generation's dumbass hippy hedonism go way beyond excess.  This swinger lifestyle has been tried and tested ad infinitim and has only led to generations of bitter resentment and rivalry.   It's so gross.  It's full of all sorts of underhanded competitviness.   I am hardcore monogamous heterosexual and not the least bit polyphobic nor homophobic nor biphobic nor tryphobic.     relative to how idiots who push polyaory are completely heterophobic and monogamyphobic.  No trespass on free will of choice.  I say let any adult consensual people do whatever they want in their private homes, but kill all pedophlies.   And complacent spoiled new age nut cliques full of heterophobic monogamousphobic bullshit can go to hell whenever I find myself out gunned, surrounded and outnumbered by them.

Debunking Garbage From Crimethinc:


Do you think you can protect the next generation from the tragic tension between the complexity of desire and the simplicity of social prohibitions just by knuckling under yourself? If you smother your own aspirations for happiness, displacing them instead onto your expectations of future generations, you will end by smothering your children as well as yourself. Your children would be better off growing up in a world where people dare to be honest about what they want, whatever the consequences. Would you prefer that they learn to beat their own longings into flattened reminders of shame and remorse, as you do?
I've learned long ago I don't have any influence worth anything over an entire generation, but I know that promiscuous lifestyles like the crimethinc idiots wants to normalize promiscuity leads to child abandonment resentments, jealousy, and tensions that are not likely to exist in a completely heterosexual monogamous committed families. Polygamy/promiscuity/multiple partners was tried and tested and failed. Sex is an extreme transaction and exchange of life energy which optimally is designed for a balance between the gender that produces seed and the gender that receives seed to be impregnated and nurse another human being. When there is a disruption and estrangement between partners, there is a recipe for disaster that wouldn't normally exist (all things being equal)
Debunking Garbage From Crimethinc:
And it's worth pointing out that nuclear-family monogamy, which these self-appointed judges would protect from the assault implied by adultery, is the very thing that replaced the broader, more fluid, extended family structures of the past. By all accounts, children were better cared for in those environments, and their parents had more freedom as well. Could it be that adultery is a blind, desperate lunge for the extended community that we once had, from the cage of the contractual relationship-or at least could act as a stepping stone to a new form of it?
That is all a bunch of absolute fucking lies with no facts worth a shit to disrupt the nuclear traditional monogamous heterosexual principles further into the toilet. Fuck you and all you assholes that push this stupid lifestyle. You have no way of listening to or account for living witness survivors of stupid fucking parents going through divorces, living in sin, cheating on each other and failing any commitments worth a shit. And I don't doubt for a moment most other survivors of such weird households would dare disagree with me.

Debunking Garbage From Crimethinc:

“Adultery is Marriage's Loyal Opposition.

Ultimately, adultery is only possible because the questions it asks are left unanswered. Just like the shoplifter, the rioter, and the suicide, the adulterer makes only half a revolution: he violates the decrees of authoritarian convention and law, but in such a way that they remain in place, still dictating his actions-be those actions obedient or reactive. He would do better to expose what he is and wants to the whole world without guilt or remorse, and demand that it find a place for him and his desires, whatever they might be—then his own struggle could be the starting point for a revolution in human relationships from which everyone might benefit, not just a flash of isolated passion and insurgency to be stomped out before it even becomes aware of itself.
Let us shelter and defend him from the shaming of this society whenever he does step forward, so that he may do so-for he acts, as we do, out of a passion burning unquenchably for a new world.
"Hell yes I cheated!"
No Let's shun the idiot and for awhile along with the rest of these idiots pushing this agenda who don't give a fuck about the consequences of the future generations and just what a complete utterly disrupting recipe a disaster this all is.

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