Saturday, August 22, 2015

credit where credit is due: Sotheby's On… An Unknown Side of Andy Warhol

A lot of adult mutual consenting gay people who are born that way who don't recruit and who are totally against pedophiles are some of the most hospitable selfless people I've ever met because they have solidarity with the crippled and admit to themselves of their crippled less than optimal and ideal conditioned.  If they could suddenly flawlessly grow the opposite sex organs for their lover they'd gladly do so and be heterosexual if they could, but often there's no surgery that can ever do that without adverse complications and in such cases I applaud them for their open, out of the closet, claims of complete naturally born gay pride because they really don't have a choice.

Sotheby's On… An Unknown Side of Andy Warhol

As far as I know.  Andy did nothing to try and push his sexuality on anyone.  And I don't see how he could have possibly ever been heterosexual no matter how hard he may have tried.   He seemed to have an effeminine character and physique (although anatomically male) who made the best with that form by being alter abled.   It's not really a defect to make do with the cards one's been dealt in life with what's available.  And passionately cranking out Pop Art was what Andy did!.   And many people might think in my other posts on this blog that I use the words "defect" "crippled" "deformed" to describe homosexuality wrongly without examining the whole picture of the context of what I'm trying to communicate.   I don't blame those who do because Andy as a humanitarian was not the least bit defective or crippled spiritually.    I love Andy Warhol as a fellow artist and as a fellow human platonically.   He got the idea of exponential altruism long before I ever coined the term.   I wish I had at least a small portion of Andy's level of success.  I always loved and marvelled at his ability to sponsor, encourage and collaborate with other artists artistically at "The Factory"  I always marveled at the way Andy and  Jean-Michel_Basquiat  collaborated   even if it was a gay thing.

And it disgusts me a wicked creep like Valerie Solenas who attempted to murder Andy only got 3 years hard time for it.   The Valerie Solenas case is proof beyond a shadow of a doubt to me that America is not necessarily male-dominated oppressive patriarchy at all, in fact it's quite the opposite with disgusting wicked misandronist cunts like Valerie Solenas who really are no better than  people like Elliot Rodgers

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