Thursday, November 5, 2015

Homophobia doesn't happen without heterophobia.


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  • Thursday
  • Hello Spirocosmosart. I would like to meet with you and get to know something about you in person. I know you have showed interest in meeting like this group and TransPonder. If you want we can meet at a local location that you are comfortable with.
  • Monday
  • spiralcosmosart 4:51 PM
    I'm not very interested in going to the Eugene Gender Support Group. It seems designed for Transgenders and homosexuals to support each other, and not have some heterocentric cynic like me who thinks non-heterosexuality is a coerced less than optimal and less than ideal achievement. They don't seem to understand someone like me who claims the world suffers from heterophobia at least as bad as homophobia. I have a sort of a Conservative slant towards homosexuals / Trans-genders / and non-monogamous people, but it is a humanitarian slant. I wrote extensively of it in many entries on this blog: I don't know what I can hope to tell you about my life that I haven't already wrote about that's meaningful for you.
  • Wednesday
  • Munchie 5:46 AM
    Why are you a member of a group that you are not interested in attending? Especially if you think about it in ways that is degrading towards people who suffer from discrimination and have to go meet to talk about their pain related to hate.
  • Today
  • spiralcosmosart 3:09 PM
    I posted on their forum for awhile to see how they would react if there was some place for dialogue and see if anyone responds to a chip on my shoulder. I do not see how I think in ways that are degrading or hateful, (harsh and hardball maybe, but not hateful). I don't understand homosexuality nor transgendrism when sexual repulsion to the human beings with the opposite reproductive ingredients, resulting in only sterile sex by gay sex: is anything other than a reproductive defect, an evolutionary dead end that is neither ideal nor optimal for human survival. It's one grand vast population reduction agenda tied to Agenda 21. There's nothing illogical, irrational, or hateful making that observation. Many heterosexuals have been persecuted by publicly heterosexual adultiphiles who are really private (closeted) homosexual pedophiles. I was such a victim at an early age. And one of the reasons this gay pedophile was so successful in groom-ing me was because of the insane Gender estrangement rampant in public schools dominated by female instructors who hate boys. Homophobia doesn't happen without heterophobia.

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