Monday, March 20, 2017

Are Massage therapists worse than Whores?

QUOTE-ing this article

  • " So what are the careers with the highest divorce rates? You probably won’t be surprised by the first few.
  • 1. Dancers and Choreographers

  • This category tops the list, with a divorce rate of 43.05%.
  • Of course, dancing can be romantic and intimate. The environment and practice sessions seem to affect even those who are new to dancing. Consider the many confirmed hookups that have happened between contestants on the reality show “Dancing With the Stars.”
  • 2. Bartenders

  • This is perhaps the least surprising profession on the list. After all, how does a bartender get the best tips, apart from providing excellent service? Flirting comes to mind.
  • The divorce rate for bartenders is 38.43%.
  • 3. Massage Therapists

  • Who did you touch today? Even if it isn’t asked, it’s a question that might be on your spouse’s mind when you walk through the door after a long day as a massage therapist.
  • Clients often develop a crush on their massage therapists, and sometimes try to date them, massage therapist Daniel Reinisch told Glamour. He mentioned one marriage that resulted from a work relationship, and he said of a massage therapist friend who has many female clients, “…it would be ludicrous to deny his attraction to all these women…”
  • The divorce rate for massage therapists: 38.22%." 

- True Massage therapy Question: I understand that in some cases there are good medical reasons for platonic massage therapy, usually involving only back rubs and neck rubs. I understand there is a whole profession dedicated to that. However: I don't see the point in such a "job" or "career" when there is monogamous mutual completely complimentary and compatible anatomical design in a heterosexual relationship.   Why pursue that profession or need it when there is perfect reciprocation of RETURN in a complete synergy when intimate consensual intercourse with a partner of the opposite sex  happens?   How heterophobic are you to need to touch complete strangers, often of the same gender, and just give back rubs?

Of course some fucking yuppy spoiled complacent nutty new age fruity fucking aerie fairy bisexual/lipstick lesbian lady into "polyamory" all promiscuous and shit making a lot of money running a massage therapy school or business will probably go on and on about "oh there's nothing sexual about massage".  "Platonic touch is something everyone should do"  And "you're such a homophobe"  or "you're so obsessed with sex"  "There's nothing sexual about it" "Oh you're such a creep for always thinking about sex all the time you damaged little man"   "Oh you little lonely repulsive piece of shit".

To which I must reply.  "okay so then I guess according to you there's nothing about a couple in loyal committed love with each other, [unlike your touch therapy orgy tribe]   having sex massaging each other almost exclusively?"  There's nothing about   rubbing his 1 penis in her 1 vagina" that actually means the penis is massaging the vagina or the vagina is massaging the penis" ?   Please.  Go have some time alone away from your weird touch promiscuous clique and REALLY think about how THIS KIND OF MASSAGE, and all it's complete complimentary completeness, RESULTS IN THE CONTINUATION OF LIFE:

 Rodin Diagram for the "fingerprint of God" (connected with Goddess) in perfect harmonious union.

And if you have such "job" / as a  massage therapist as a profession with your LMT credentials and certification from the government to approve your a return of fiat currency business to touch others (even for platonic medical purposes only)

IF you REALLY need to pay to go to school to learn how to touch someone intimately to someday have clients who will exchange money for such payments . . AND that's what you enjoy: Why not just move to Nevada and practice full body connections as a work trade in a brothel with multiple clients paying YOU BIG BUCKS? Since its all just a transaction for money as a chore and a job and profession? That job probably pays better than being a platonic LMT.   And you get real handS on experience FUCKING MULTIPLE PARTNERS.

Being a whore has some integrity above and beyond what a lot of people think.  Not that I am about to go rent a whore, as its sleazy too, but at least turning tricks would be a "job" done a little more completely than hire-ing the average  nutty newage weird subtly bisexual or bi-curious women with an LMT for just backrubs and maybe a fuckfling on the side.

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