Monday, March 20, 2017

"Do you think homosexuality is a sin?"

Do you think homosexuality is a sin?

 [typical PNW newage moral relativist, bi-sexual or often closet bi-curious yuppy lady response]:

No Love is love. If it is between two consenting adults it is no ones business but their own. 

 [My Response]

An image of SpiralPhoenixxx Yes I don't understand why someone who is truly heterosexual would answer this with a "No". Its as though ultra left wing agenda social experiment p.c. Okcupid has decided to prank/spam me with fake profile ditzy politically correct idiot women who have no ideals nor principles. Of course It would be a sin for either myself or the woman I can be with to ever engage in homosexuality AS though there's no such thing as people who succumb to peer pressure and are confused into normalizing homosexuality ? 
It's stupid to say that homosexuality is never coerced:

Heterosexual Athletic Monogamy is the only kind of sexual relationship I can ever experience. I can't speak for others. That said, I respect people who are truly homosexual or transgender and have no choice (in which case I'm open minded that in their case homosexuality is not a sin for them because they're so completely hardwired that way if they are consensual adults). I've met and befriended many of such souls, but I'm convinced its retarded and stupid to believe this sterile, reproductively challenged, gender imbalanced, and anatomically incompatible form of sex is never coerced or a bad life choice. And I really am disgusted by the weird SJW trend of "don't knock it until you try it" of experimental and bisexuals and their bicuriousity. And I don't appreciate the weird cult of and attitude of men hating bisexual / lipstick lesbian feminist women (especially overt pedophile lesbian promotion (the little coochie snorcher that could)

in America who are absolutely convinced that homosexuality is their safe space alternative because men are the subhuman enemies while in the meantime they don't give a damn about male child and infant circumcision. I find any men who worship and fuck such misandronist women even more disgusting than such women. And I feel equally disgusted by weird mysoginist men (gay or straight). Here I blog extensively and comment on such issues

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